ASUS’s name originates from the final syllable with the winged horse of Greek mythology, Pegasus. In the stories of old Pegasus would transport legendary warriors on their epic fates. Not to sound too too much but ASUS has applied the history of the name to the new G535X-DH71. This computer provides any gamer the transportation needed for hours of determined game play.

The latest entry in the range, the Toshiba Qosmio X775 -3DV78 is often a killer. With its 17.3 inch widescreen FHD TruBrite LED Backlight display, your 3D vision will truly stand out. With this feature, you will see anything in 3D. Movies, games, web surfing and also browsing photos could be in 3D. Just wear the included 3D glasses and be surprised about how your laptop transforms in a truly immersive stereoscopic 3D display. Love winning contests using your laptop? Well, with the Toshiba Qosmio X775 -3DV78 you’ll be able to turn your selected games into 3D, the Toshiba Qosmio X775 -3DV78 can convert games automatically into 3D which makes it more pleasant to learn, providing you the most immersive gaming experience ever. If the visuals alone have you ever able to buy, wait until we proceed through a few of its other sweet features. This pc incorporates Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit included as well as an Intel Core i7 Quad Core processor onboard with the Mobile Intel HM65 Express Chipset and 8 GB DDR3 RAM included.

Processor and Memory Since Dell lets you customize your laptop, the Dell XPS Studio 16 gives three processor options namely, Intel Core 2 Duo processor P8700 which gives a speed of 2.53 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo processor P9700 that gives a speed of 2.80 GHz and Intel Core 2 Duo processor T9900 that gives a speed of 3.06 GHz. Even on RAM, you’ve got a few options. It comes with 4GB DDR3 RAM. However, you may even go for 6GB RAM also.

To find out the reasons you simply look at the specifications. A GTX 580 is equipped with 512 shaders (or CUDA cores as NVIDIA calls them), as the mobile GTX 580M has 384 shaders. The end result according to NVIDIA is often a texture fill rate of 49.4 billion/sec to the desktop GPU and 39.7 billion/sec for that mobile GPU.

The Power Battalion 101 CZ-10 Ultra will arrive at your desk with a Windows 7 Home Premium System. The gaming laptop is perfect to its name. It comes with a portable DDR3 Memory using a capacity of 512 Mega Bytes in addition to a rare 3D Card! razer gaming laptop price malaysia Your gaming experience will need your breath way. There are some luxuries including a supplementary 4 GB of memory as well as an efficient web camera.